Chanel Cruising in Cuba - Viva La Revolución!


You can almost feel the night air.  The smell of a beautiful evening and the anticipation of what will follow.  While Havana's Paseo del Prado looks strangely empty, I can't help but respect the design, the thought and the work that goes into creating fashion like this.  It's not couture, but it's beautiful and accessible, at least in style.

So here are my top picks from Chanel and Karl as they cruise around in Havana.  Beautiful accessories, wearable fashion and flats.  Flats = thank God.  I've always loved flats with skirts and the way women look when they can actually walk.  

And for the finishing touch, classic panama-style hats and an assortment of berets and headbands are paired with just about everything.  Hats = the ultimate accessory!

Viva la revolución!









And if you want to listen to the beautiful French- Cuban fusion sounds at the start or spend 20 minutes to view the whole thing in cruise motion, then pour yourself a dark rum on ice, click through here and enjoy! 


Carolyn Unwin
Carolyn Unwin


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