It's hard to know how start a blog.  It feels a bit momentous and a bit like starting a postcard where you have an awful lot to say, but limited time and space. 

So perhaps I should start how I mean to continue - by being myself and starting to talk about one of my primary passions in life - hats. 

I have been making hats for many moons now, after starting the learning process at Central Saint Martin's School of Art & Design in London.  With heartfelt thanks to Serafina Grafton-Beeves, the short course was intended to produce one hat and I think by the end of the first day, I had blocked up five.  It was a relief to find a creative passion where I loved every single component of it.  I loved the glossy straws, crackly braids and velvety felts.  I loved the quest for perfection in building a sculpture for the face and a life began for me, with endless streams of ideas and designs bubbling up inside my head. 

And so for many years, I have considered the hat to be the ultimate fashion accessory.  To me, there is no other accessory that transforms the wearer so quickly and effectively. 

Sometimes, beautifully decorative, sometimes functional - a hat transforms how others see you and how you feel.  A hat encourages and enables you to transform, not just physically, but in how you speak and move and behave. 

For me, a great hat gives me confidence and makes me feel fantastic. It encourages my extroverted side and I have made so many friends through the production and wearing of hats, that it has been transformational in that way too!



With thanks and a smile,