1 December = Summer

Oh Summer - I've been waiting for you. 
I'm kind of excited about the arrival of summer and I'm told I really have to increase my blog posts (I know, I know), but I have trouble imagining what I should blog about and ramble on about.  I think I may have blogger's block.  I certainly am deeply suspicious of whether anyone else will read this.  Does anyone really care?  I feel like I'm talking to a tree.
But it's the 1st of December and the first day of summer, so if I must blog, then this auspicious date makes it rather impossible to talk about anything else...... other than what I am looking forward to most over December and January.  And if I am only talking to myself, then at least I know that I will enjoy the subject of my conversation.
And so my summer beach routine, I anticipate you.  You are tried and tested, perfected and honed and needless to say, you are deeply loved. 
You go something like this....
  • Swimming and swimming and swimming and swimming in the saltwater and surf
  • Being underwater and weightless
  • Bursting through the top of a wave just before it breaks
  • Getting really really hungry but not wanting to get out of the surf
  • Getting really cold because you've been in the surf way too long
  • Warming up in the sun - hat on, towel over your back, toes in the sand and letting the salt dry on your skin
  • Fish and chips and ice-cream
  • Rinse and repeat....


Of course, there is so much more that I love about summer, but that's another conversation with myself......


With a smile,