Harry & Meghan's guests at The Royal Wedding - My top 5 hat and outfit combinations

It seems that the world continues to feast on the glorious spectacle of last weekend's Royal Wedding as Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, now the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, made their vows and the world watched on.  For me, a lot of the joy comes from checking out the glorious outfits and doing my own personal evaluation of who pulled together some unique but fitting looks for the occasion.  If I can't join them, will at least I can live a little vicariously through the TV footage.

Before, the wedding, I was asked by Mosman Collective here in Sydney for my take on the best Royal Wedding hats that we've seen in the past.  Here's a link to some of my favourites in a blog by the lovely Anna Usher for Mosman Collective.

Check it out!

But for this most recent, Royal Wedding, I'm thinking that collectively, all the hats seem more subdued, less adventurous than we have seen in the past.  Perhaps it's understandable, given the searing furore over Princess Beatrice's last efforts.  

So, judging it from a purely personal perspective and taking into consideration how well the hat contributes to the wearer and their overall ensemble, for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, my top 5 countdown is as follows:-


5) Charlotte Riley - wearing what I think is a Jane Taylor hat.  

Charlotte Riley in Jane Taylor hat at Prince Harry & Meaghan Markle's royal wedding

4) Lady Kitty Spencer - Philip Treacy modified Juliette cap with matching veiling & hand-painted Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Lady Kitty Spencer in Philip Treacy Millinery & Dolce & Gabbana dress at the Royal Wedding

3) Abigail Spencer - Alessandra Taylor dress & I'm not sure who the cap is by, but looks like the work possibly of Stephen Jones, although if it was, it would be on his Instagram @stephenjonesmillinery (& it's not!).

Meaghan Markle's friend, actress Abigail Spencer, arrives at the wedding of Prince Harry & Meaghan Mark.e

2) Sophia Wellesley - no idea about the hat or the dress, but she looks like a Spring dream.

Sophia Wellesley arrives with James Blunt to the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Meaghan Markle


1) Princess Beatrice - I'm seeing conflicting reports on which designers are actually responsible for this ensemble.  Take A) Stephen Jones Headpiece & Roksanda "Viola" dress, hand-dyed to the deep teal colour and priced to clear at UK £12 000.

or Take B) Gainsbourg dress & headpiece by Fiona Graham!  Take your pick!

Princess Beatrice in Roksanda dress & Stephen Jones Millinery arrives at the Royal Wedding

You can see more here!

That's all for now!

With a smile,

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