Farewell to Summer


It never seems to last long enough but maybe that's part of why it seems so precious. 

It's officially autumn and yet, it's still warm and sunny in Sydney. 

So as I prepare to welcome autumn, here are five perfect images that sum up the supreme joy of summer to me. 

My little photographic homage........ to summer (clink!) ......









With a smile,




Sirocco Hats at Pittwater....

Images of my Sirocco hats in their various guises.....and photos I took at one of my favourite spots in Sydney - up the can only be beautiful Pittwater.

 With a smile,

1 December = Summer

Oh Summer - I've been waiting for you. 
I'm kind of excited about the arrival of summer and I'm told I really have to increase my blog posts (I know, I know), but I have trouble imagining what I should blog about and ramble on about.  I think I may have blogger's block.  I certainly am deeply suspicious of whether anyone else will read this.  Does anyone really care?  I feel like I'm talking to a tree.
But it's the 1st of December and the first day of summer, so if I must blog, then this auspicious date makes it rather impossible to talk about anything else...... other than what I am looking forward to most over December and January.  And if I am only talking to myself, then at least I know that I will enjoy the subject of my conversation.
And so my summer beach routine, I anticipate you.  You are tried and tested, perfected and honed and needless to say, you are deeply loved. 
You go something like this....
  • Swimming and swimming and swimming and swimming in the saltwater and surf
  • Being underwater and weightless
  • Bursting through the top of a wave just before it breaks
  • Getting really really hungry but not wanting to get out of the surf
  • Getting really cold because you've been in the surf way too long
  • Warming up in the sun - hat on, towel over your back, toes in the sand and letting the salt dry on your skin
  • Fish and chips and ice-cream
  • Rinse and repeat....


Of course, there is so much more that I love about summer, but that's another conversation with myself......


With a smile,