February - original hat designs and experiments



After January slips through my fingers, suddenly it's February.  

And that means it's time to let my mind wander around the beguiling subject of designing new hats for the year ahead and beyond.  What will I do?  What will I make in 2016?

It's a different state of mind - it's not sensible or business-like (that comes later).  But once I start to think of hat designs, then so many possibilities and variations come to mind.  They always do.  There are never any shortage of ideas.  

People often suggest to me that I look at the work of other milliner's or look at what else is in the store, but I find that a risky thing to do.  Once you've seen it, it can influence you way too much and you loose the originality of your own style and designs.  I prefer to set my mind to "DREAM" and see what happens.

I love this time and could happily live in a dreamy design world everyday.  

Stay shady. Stay watching.


Farewell to Summer


It never seems to last long enough but maybe that's part of why it seems so precious. 

It's officially autumn and yet, it's still warm and sunny in Sydney. 

So as I prepare to welcome autumn, here are five perfect images that sum up the supreme joy of summer to me. 

My little photographic homage........ to summer (clink!) ......









With a smile,





It's hard to know how start a blog.  It feels a bit momentous and a bit like starting a postcard where you have an awful lot to say, but limited time and space. 

So perhaps I should start how I mean to continue - by being myself and starting to talk about one of my primary passions in life - hats. 

I have been making hats for many moons now, after starting the learning process at Central Saint Martin's School of Art & Design in London.  With heartfelt thanks to Serafina Grafton-Beeves, the short course was intended to produce one hat and I think by the end of the first day, I had blocked up five.  It was a relief to find a creative passion where I loved every single component of it.  I loved the glossy straws, crackly braids and velvety felts.  I loved the quest for perfection in building a sculpture for the face and a life began for me, with endless streams of ideas and designs bubbling up inside my head. 

And so for many years, I have considered the hat to be the ultimate fashion accessory.  To me, there is no other accessory that transforms the wearer so quickly and effectively. 

Sometimes, beautifully decorative, sometimes functional - a hat transforms how others see you and how you feel.  A hat encourages and enables you to transform, not just physically, but in how you speak and move and behave. 

For me, a great hat gives me confidence and makes me feel fantastic. It encourages my extroverted side and I have made so many friends through the production and wearing of hats, that it has been transformational in that way too!



With thanks and a smile,