The Carolyn Unwin range of straw hats & velvet scarves combines wearable designer style with a touch of everyday luxury.

Designed in Australia by myself, Carolyn Unwin, my natural straw hats are hand-woven, blocked and polished using traditional techniques.  The beautiful designs, including unisex pieces, reflect the Australian love of relaxed outdoor life and travel with a hint of adventure.  

The Sirocco, The Zephyr, The Diablo, The Levante - I love them all and wear them in my daily life and holiday travels.  And my beautiful Borealis scarves are fantastic for autumn, winter and fresh days in any season. I love wearing them and think you will too.

I finish each hat & scarf by hand in my Sydney studio, using the very best materials such as leather cording and glossy raffia fringing.  Each hat design comes in four sizes and includes a breathable cotton lining and a soft internal headband.  I am proud to say, the end result marries comfort and quality, creating a special hat or scarf for your everyday.

As fashion seems to become more and more about mass manufacturing, massive marketing budgets and and logistics, I want to produce fashion accessories that hark back to traditional techniques; honest materials and; artisan skills.  I'm tired of seeing the same disposable fashion pieces in every single shopping centre.  And I'm tired of artificial products that fill our world and yet bring little beauty to it.  

I want to create unique and beautiful products that bring a sense of discovery, luxury and value to my customers.  I put time and attention to detail into everything I source, design and produce.  I hope it shows.

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