Privacy & Security

Carolyn Unwin ("the supplier", "we", "I") respects and values your privacy.

By using the PayPal financial services gateway, the supplier does not record your credit card information.  This information is held by PayPal. 

Email communications with the supplier will be held as private and confidential. 

You name, emails address or other contact details will not be sold or disclosed to other parties without your consent. 

You may unsubscribe to the Carolyn Unwin mailing list at any time.

Upon agreement with you, Carolyn Unwin may request use of your verbal feedback and/or photographic material for testimonial, social media and/or promotional purposes. 

If you participate in interactive activities (blog, message boards, social media feeds, contests, store and membership programs), please be aware that in most cases this constitutes a voluntary and public disclosure of the personal information and/or images that you post.  This information and/or these images may be seen, collected and used by other parties, unrelated to Carolyn Unwin. 

Carolyn Unwin can not ensure or guarantee the security of any information or images that you send to us or post on our website or social media feeds and you do so at your own risk.  Neither can Carolyn Unwin be held in any way responsible for the security of your passwords or financial information.