Sizing, Care & Travel


The Carolyn Unwin range of hats comes in four sizes with an internal elastic headband.

      Small               =      55     -   56.5 cm

      Medium           =     56.5   -   58 cm

      Large               =      58     -   59.5 cm

      Extra-Large     =      59.5  -   61 cm

If you don't know the size of your head, get a tape measure and circle it around your head where the hat would sit on your head. 

Some tips to get the right measurement:-

If you don't have a tape measure, try holding a piece of string around your head and then measure this length against a ruler. 

Now, you're good to go!  Measure away!



With a little care you can keep your Carolyn Unwin hat looking gorgeous for years to come.

As a hand-made accessory, natural variations are part of the character of the product.

Keep dry, do not squash and try not to sit on your hat!  Be aware that very damp weather or high humidity will soften the straw. The hat will restiffen as it dries.

If needed, your hat can be lightly steamed over a kettle and gently reshaped by hand. Just hold the hat over the steam for approximately thirty seconds until the straw softens a little. Reshape by hand and hold in the desired position until the straw resets (about two minutes). Wear it on your head for another two minutes as the straw continues to reset.

If desired, the straw fringe on Sirocco hats can be trimmed to a shorter fringe. Do not cut through the woven edge of the hat.

If required, leather tie headbands can be gently loosened or tightened around the head to finalise your perfect fit.



I have worn these hats all around the world and three years on from my initial samples, my originals are still going strong.

For travel, I simply place the hat upside down in the centre of my suitcase, then fill and surround with soft clothing. I do a light steam if required, as above.